A New Lathe Has Arrived

Here’s how we produce the new heads!

New Aircom Heads

In line with the company’s philosophy for continuing innovation, Aircom has recently invested in replacing the machinery inventory by purchasing a new multitasking Mazak lathe. One of the most advanced machines on the market, this allows us to go from raw to finished material in a single setup.

Then, from week 48 – 2010 onward, sprayheads (part 30 for AIRCOM models DA, BP and HT, and part 2 for AIRCOM model AB-HVLP) will be produced on the new machine.

What do we achieve?

  • greater boring precision
  • superior finishing

We would point out that there are also some visual differences between the heads produced with the new machine and those sold to date:

  • they no longer have the “7” on the front
  • front surface fully machined
  • laser marking (front and rear of head).

It should be noted that this will be a gradual revolution and therefore, especially for heads used more infrequently, items made with the old production cycle and still in stock will be delivered as long as supplies last.