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Sustainability and Safety


In industrial processes, whatever they might be, to compete internationally and be recognized as a reliable brand with an excellent safety record, we need to invest in integrated production strategies. Research and Development is the basis for all product innovations, processes and organization that are critical to the commercial success and reputation of any organization.

AIRCOM brand is unique in its distinctive ability to innovate processes and products. In fact, it constantly invests in increasingly advanced technology, both in terms of production and the “in process” control of all manufactured items.

But this does not only apply to research and development: today’s customers demand safe, certified products and the good reputation built on their approval is strongly influenced by these distinguishing characteristics.

As well as being entirely made in Italy, AIRCOM branded products are safe and reliable thanks to the ongoing certification processes implemented by the company to maintain and guarantee the highest performance standards.

The tests and periodic measurements that some of the most important international certification bodies carry out on AIRCOM products are the best market indicators of safety and trustworthy production.

It can be summed up in a few words. What makes one product better than another is that it can be valued for what it is, offering the widest range of proven technical qualities.

Our company trusts its products because everything that is produced by AIRCOM is safe, competitive and aesthetically pleasing. As far as automatic spray guns are concerned, that is something not to be taken for granted.