Cylinder Cap in Anticorodal Aluminium

Why do we use aluminum?


Aircom Cylinder Cap in Anticorodal Aluminium

Since October 2007, all AIRCOM guns are provided with the cylinder cap (part 28 for DA, BP and AB-HVLP) in Anticorodal” aluminum hardened by an anodization process.

Why did we choose it?

Anticorodal aluminum is an aluminum alloy alloyed with magnesium (0.4-1.7%), manganese (0.5-1%) and silicon (1-5%): its main advantages are good mechanical characteristics and excellent corrosion resistance.

How does anodization take place?

Anodization is an electrochemical process by which a protective oxide layer forms on the surface of the treated metal and protects it from corrosion. In aluminum there is a real surface transformation: the bare metal reacts with the oxygen that develops during the electrodeposition process and forms aluminum oxide.

The advantage is a considerable about 7% reduction in the weight of the gun.

In addition, the new cap is interchangeable with the old one made of brass. Since 2001 we have already been successfully using a cap made of the same material on all our HT guns.