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A focus on automatic HVLP spray guns

50-TH HVLP Automatic Spray Gun

How to choose the right gun technology
for painting?

The choice of the spray gun is based on multiple factors, which depend on the quality of the coating to be obtained, the type of application and the type of product with which you intend to work.

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In this article, let’s see together what an HVLP spray gun is and what its characteristics are: at the end you will find examples of guns that you can use on your system.

The automatic HVLP spray guns have high air flow (High Volume) and low output pressure (Low Pressure): they therefore take advantage of the high input air litration to obtain an excellent finish at low operating pressures. They are suitable for all types of products to be sprayed, from paints, to glues, from resins to adhesives, simply by choosing the rod and nozzle that adapt to that particular product.

Aircom Original has designed two HVLP automatic guns that meet different needs, keeping the overspray low due to the nebulization of the paint:

  • AIRCOM® AB HVLP GUN: itis a volumetric spray gun with high air flow and low outlet pressure. It reduces the number of steps dedicated to pigmentation treatment.

The main advantages of the Aircom AB HVLP automatic spray gun are :

– reduction of the dispersion of unused paint (“overspray“);
reduction in the cleaning frequency of the pigmentation system filters.

Aircom created two models: AB-HVLP standard and AB-HVLP / 2, characterized by having, in addition to the nipple for the pigment inlet, a second nipple for the washing liquid.

  • AIRCOM® 50-TH HVLP GUN: it allows a standard pressure gun to be converted to a low overspray gun (HVLP) by simply replacing the nozzle and head, while maintaining its outstanding finishing quality.
HVLP Automatic Spray Guns

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