Investing in Innovation

A new Tornos lathe in Aircom Original


Innovation is one of the founding values of Aircom Original

We believe that the continuous search for high-performance machinery is the key to making products more and more efficient: this is why we have decided to invest in the purchase of the new Tornos Swiss lathe that allows us to produce even the most complex pieces: thanks to modular processing and the ability to machine bars up to 13 and 25.4 mm in diameter, we are able to achieve a measurable improvement in production.

What does “innovation” mean?

Just when the economy seems to slow down and it seems unthinkable to buy new machinery, we have decided to invest in innovation. What does it mean for us at Aircom Original? Since 1967, we have believed that product research and development is a fundamental phase of the production process: after careful design, there is the need for an up-to-date machine park, with machinery that guarantees maximum precision and allows for the production times and material waste. Here innovation includes both the continuous improvement of automatic spray guns for the way they are conceived and designed, and the addition of lathes that can make production more and more fluid.