It all started in 1967 thanks to the intuition of a young entrepreneur, Giorgio Bria, who started building systems and equipment for treating leather and invented the automatic spray gun.

The factory was located in Castellamonte, a small town near Ivrea, known for its tradition of ceramic stoves. This small entrepreneurial reality was then sold, for lack of heirs, in 1993 to a group of partners already operating in the mechanical and tannery sectors: three years later, in 1996, the brand with the institutional stamp obtained the go-ahead for foreign markets.

In 2006 we moved to a larger and more suitable location to cope with ever-increasing production requirements, while remaining in our territory. The new industrial site was designed paying particular attention to the quality of work and the flow of production: we are 15 employees, and we take care of both the design and production of the automatic spray guns, managing to produce twelve thousand of  them a year.

Aircom has been steadily promoting an ethical and sustainable business strategy, by relying on a corporate philosophy that combines competitiveness, environmental safeguard and a responsible management of resources.

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