QCC Quick Color Change

The QCC color change block allows you to make a product change on a set of guns by going from one process to the next without having to stop the production of the system.



This device, made with nickel-plated brass body and anodized aluminum covers, is characterized by 3 pneumatic actuators that enable passage on the color ring “1” or “3” and solvent “2”.

Appropriately interfaced with the control unit, the Aircom QCC allows, in the various operating modes, to wash and / or load the circuit not connected to the gun power supply, resulting in a considerable saving of time by being able to carry out this operation in “shadow time”.

During the color change phase, there is a rapid washing of the nozzle and the spray head of the gun, then moving on to the next programmed processing enabling the previously loaded circuit.


Reduction of disposal costs: less quantity of paint and solvents to be disposed of and elimination of waste of paint.


Elimination of system downtime for work change.


The paint and solvent present in the pipes of the entire circuit are recovered in the appropriate drums.