QCC color change block

QCC color change block

The Aircom QCC quick color change block allows substitution of products on a set of guns, passing from one job to the next without having to halt production.

It is made with a nickel-plated brass body and anodized aluminum covers. It has 3 pneumatic actuators that enable movements on color ring “1” or “3” and solvent “2”.

Through its interface with the control unit, in its various operating modes the AIRCOM QCC allows the circuit not connected to the gun to be washed and / or loaded. This results in considerable time saving as it can be done without any downtime.

During the color change phase, the gun nozzle and spray head are rapidly washed before proceeding with the next programmed work cycle, activating the circuit loaded previously loaded.

The main advantages are therefore:

  • No downtime due to change in working
  • No paint waste
  • All paints and solvents in all circuit hoses are recovered and stored in special drums;
  • Possibility of working with a single set of guns
  • Lower disposal costs since less paint and solvents need to be disposed of.