QRB Quick Release Block

The QRB quick release block allows the sprayguns to be removed from the spray carousel with a single movement of the hand, using the quick release knob.

By simply applying a little pressure, they can then be returned to their working position.



The block has automated valves that are activated when the gun is released to automatically stop air and paint flows.

The main advantages are: REDUCTION OF SYSTEM DOWNTIME, with the possibility to replace the gun quickly, allowing the system to restart immediately and DURABILITY, as the product is designed and built for a very long working life. It is therefore an accessory that therefore becomes an integral part of the spray carousel.

Ideal for our automatic Aircom 50THAircom 50TH HVLP and Aircom LR gun models.


Possibility to pre-adjust the guns outside of the machine according to the work plans. With 2 sets of guns any type of work can be done in rotation without stopping the system.


Air and pigment inflow hoses are located on the back of the block, taking up less space, with lower overall size.


Possibility to remove inactive guns from the system quickly, to prevent them from being dirtied.