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Everything for spraying release agents, glues and adhesives

Safety at work is a fundamental value for Aircom: this is why we are committed to designing innovative solutions with high safety standards, suitable for spraying release agents and glues in many industrial sectors.

Knowing which products are most suitable to use for spraying release agents, glues, lubricants during the production of shoes, soles or rubber footwear represents an advantage in the management of your plants and guarantees an increase in finished products in less time and with a significant product savings.

The footwear and plastic companies that deal with the production of soles and shoes can deal with different types of processes, such as:

  • spray the release agents for soles and shoes
  • detach the bottoms in plastic materials for various types of soles and plateaus, for monoblocks, insoles and clogs
  • produce semi-finished products for footwear
  • use injection machines to make boots, soles, sandals and technical items of all kinds
  • use injection molding machines on the upper
  • use polyurethane molding machines

In each of these companies, spraying and painting represent one of the stages of processing the material, whether it is leather, rubber or plastic materials. The soles and shoes produced are designed for individual use as protective equipment or PPE, and must therefore ensure resistance over time, worker protection and waterproofing of the shoe.

What can be achieved with automatic spraying?

Innovation in these companies is linked to the modernization of the molding and injection systems, which must ensure the presence of equipment with robotic applications, which are very fast and precise in their movements. Thanks to the presence of robots and spray guns that nebulize the product on the mold evenly, it is now possible to spray release agents, rubbers, lubricants, polyurethane and plastic liquids inside the mold faster and with a considerable saving of time: in these systems, the automatic spray guns are mounted on robotic arms, which perform precise movements to distribute the product evenly on the mold and ensure that the sole can be formed or detached (depending on the type of processing) without problems.

LR Automatic Spray Gun

Thanks to the automatic painting, it is possible to guarantee an excellent product transfer: the robot recognizes, in fact, the surface to work on and the set program guarantees a uniform nebulization without multiple passages in the same point, ensuring a saving of time and product.

How can we help you?

At Aircom we have specialized for more than 50 years in automatic spray guns: we take care of the design, production and quality control of the guns in our plant and we are able to guarantee high transfer efficiency, certified by international institutions.

Aircom products are designed to be assembled in systems for spraying release agents, glues and adhesives on molds and for the production of soles and shoes in plastic materials suitable for use as PPE.