The company today

Backed by a strong tradition as suppliers in the tanning sector, in recent years the company has expanded into other markets, such as wood, glass, plastics, and metal. Currently, AIRCOM is continuing to grow, with a strong footprint in foreign markets. The company’s core business is automatic spray painting guns, all exclusively Made in Italy, for which a varied and successful production strategy has been developed over time. Investments in new technologies and in research and development have enabled the company to produce non-standard customized parts, highly competitive on international markets. They are certified, safe, and with great attention paid to aesthetic detail as well as to their functional versatility.

Currently, AIRCOM designs, manufactures and assembles all its products and components. The company offers speed and flexibility when addressing commercial and technical issues, delivering orders and adapting its products with a “tailor made” approach to meet customer requirements. All this is the result of an entrepreneurial vision that reflects a “lean production” model, emphasizing production flexibility and simplification, and involving all business functions in design, production and development