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Certificate of an Aircom spray gun
Certificate of an Aircom spray gun

Our automatic spray painting guns – completely designed, built and assembled in-company – have recently been awarded a prestigious distinction: the transfer efficiency certificate, granted by IPA Fraunhofer laboratories in Stuttgart, Germany.

This is a leading public research center where our products underwent rigorous testing last month, to ascertain the effective deposition of the paint sprayed, rather than its dispersion into the environment.

All the models tested (DA, BP, HT, 50TH and 50TH HVLP) were found to fully comply with UNI EN 13996-1, the only regulation valid in Europe, with >75% efficiciency.

They are therefore approved for use in Italy and abroad.

Hence Aircom Original continues to further its research and development, focusing not only on customer needs but also on environmental and regulatory requirements.

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