covid -19

To our Clients: UPDATE

In compliance with our Government restrictions (April 1st, 2020) during the Coronavirus emergency, we have temporarily closed our production departments until April 13, 2020. We will keep you updated on […]


Coronavirus Emergency (COVID-19)

In relation to the recent evolution of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Italian territory, A.PNE.S srl | Aircom Original wants to communicate to all its customers that all ministerial prevention rules […]


New Turning Center

We have invested in the purchase of a new turning center to achieve greater precision: discover the features and how it works!


The Truly Quick Release

Aircom has designed the QRB quick release block, which allows you to remove the guns from the spray carousel with a simple hand gesture.


The New Aircom 50-TH

Aircom has designed a product that gives the possibility to switch from a high pressure gun to a low overspray gun, replacing nozzle and head.

testa laser

A New Lathe Has Arrived

The Aircom heads are now produced on the new Mazak lathe, one of the most advanced on the market: from the rough to the finished with only one piece clamping.


New Laser Marking

Spare parts for Aircom automatic spray guns feature laser marking: design and durability combined to ensure high performance.

kit guarnizioni

New Rod Gasket Kit

The rod gasket kit is available in all Aircom spray guns: it guarantees minimum maintenance, extremely easy assembly and reduction of costs.

L-E head

Low-Emission Head (L-E)

Discover the new Low-Emission Head (L-E)! The head was studied to reduce polluting emissions into the atmosphere: atomization pressure can be lowered by up to 30% (depending on the viscosity […]