Wood finishing: the spray guns

Wood Painting: Which Products to Choose?


Knowing which products are most suitable to use for wood finishing is an advantage in production and guarantees an increase in finished products in less time and with considerable product savings. Companies that deal with wood finishing can work with different types of processes, such as:

  • painting of wooden panels
  • painting of semi-finished wood products
  • finishing of windows
  • painting of wooden components

In these companies, finishing and varnishing the wood represent the last stage of processing the material, which can be coated with protective products or colored paints. The industrial wood finishing market is constantly evolving, and requires constant research for quality, knowledge, flexibility and cooperation, in order to obtain defect-free final products: this is why companies invest in the improvement of their production facilities, with an always greater attention to the environment.

Why choose automatic painting?

Innovation in these areas is linked, for example, to the change in painting systems, which must guarantee the presence of equipment with very rapid color changes and robotic applications. In many companies, we have gradually moved from manual painting of wood products to automatic painting, thanks to robots and spray guns that spray the product on the wood in a uniform way. In fact, inside the wood painting booths we find robots equipped with automatic sprayguns that paint the wooden products introduced into the booth, whether they are made to slide on horizontal rollers or on conveyors that move them vertically (a focus on the subject was made by Verniciatura del Legno). Thanks to the automatic painting, it is possible to guarantee an excellent transfer of paint: with manual painting the quantity of paint used is, in fact, greater, as the operator can pass several times on the same spot already painted, while with the automatic painting, the robot recognizes the surface to be painted and the set program guarantees a uniform painting without multiple passes at the same point. Inside these booths, moreover, there are air filtration systems, to ensure that the excess paint does not disperse into the environment, and systems for the recovery of the paint itself: in addition to a considerable saving of paint, it also achieves a lower environmental impact.

How can we help you?

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